Berlina Homes at Sefton

Berlina Homes Fencing

Fencing Manufacturers have been working with Berlina Homes for over 10 years. Throughout this time we have continued to Install all Fencing, Balustrades and Screens. 

Read on below to view our latest job at Sefton where we installed:

This property in Sefton features a distinctive vertical slat fencing design that elegantly separates each unit, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Modern and sleek, these fences offer privacy and security while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere.

The specialised garbage gates, designed with the same vertical slat pattern, blend seamlessly with the fencing, maintaining the property’s aesthetic appeal and promoting efficient waste management.

Each unit boasts a unique custom tubular fence, designed and manufactured for unit frontage, adding a personal touch.

The Frosted glass, aluminium frame balustrades, powder-coated in Iron Stone, provide both safety and style, allowing natural light to filter through and enhancing the property’s modern ambience.