Revel in the sophistication of glass pool fencing

Imagine your pool area, both elegant and secure, with stunning views that remain unobstructed.

At Fencing Manufacturers, we make this vision a reality with our premium, locally-produced glass pool fencing.

Our glass pool fencing seamlessly blends into any landscape, offering a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Whether you’re in the Central Coast, Newcastle, or Sydney area, we provide tailored solutions.

Our glass installations do more than enclose spaces; they enhance your pool area with a touch of sophistication. They’re not just a safety feature—they’re a style statement. Enjoy the perfect blend of luxury, safety, and affordability with our glass pool fencing.

Advantages of our glass pool fencing

Locally Produced

Proudly made in Australia, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and superior quality

High-quality, durable glass

Our glass fencing is designed to withstand the elements and high levels of pressure

Extensive Design Choices

Select from a variety of designs to flawlessly complement your style

Expert Installation

Experience a smooth, professional installation with our clean, friendly, and efficient service

Compliant with Australian Standards

Our fencing meets Australian Standards, a secure and compliant choice for your needs


Our glass pool fencing provides robust protection, ensuring your pool area is safe and secure

Maintain a Stunning View

Enjoy uninterrupted views with our sleek, transparent glass designs

Boost your home's appeal

Choose from a range of customisable glass styles to perfectly align with your vision, enhancing the elegance of your pool area

Increase your property value

Invest in the value of your property with our durable, long-lasting glass pool fencing solutions

Glass Pool Fencing Fencing Can Transform Your Home Significantly

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Glass Pool Fencing


Semi-frameless glass is a top choice for affordable glass swimming pool fences. The design ensures a sturdy frame but still has the benefit of a clear, largely unobstructed view of the outdoor space. Glass fencing panels are secured with two vertical, structural aluminium posts fitted firmly in the ground during our professional installation. These vertical posts allow us to use a thinner toughened glass sheet enabling us to keep the price low. We adapt the installation of fencing posts according to the kind of ground your fence runs along, whether it be soil, timber decking, or concrete around the pool area.
Glass Pool Fencing


Modern and elegant, a fence of pure glass is ideal for adding a touch of class to your outdoor entertainment area. Completely frameless glass pool fences are growing in popularity, largely due to their subtle blending with the surrounding outdoor environment while still offering the expected level of safety to pool areas. Each panel in a full frameless glass pool fence is supported by two compliant  stainless steel spigots secured to the ground. This gives the stunning illusion that there is almost no barrier there at all! 
Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fence


Channel fix glass pool fencing is an Australian-manufactured product that gives you a new dimension to pool fencing moving away from the traditional spigots and allowing unobtrusive view without requiring any posts.

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