Glass Pool Fencing

Want an incredible poolside vista? We manufacture, deliver and install stylish glass swimming pool fencing to properties in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney North,  areas.

The quality of fencing you choose for your home is important – especially if it’s a fence that frames and protects a pool area. Ensuring you have a compliant, secure outdoor pool fence is vital as it means the young children and pets that play in the area are safe.

In addition to safety, you also want pool fencing that is stylish, modern and attractive. If you’ve gone to the effort of installing an amazing pool in your back garden, this is no time to skimp on the finish! Equally, if your existing pool fence is tired and needs a refresh, glass pool fencing is a stunning upgrade option. You will be amazed at how elegant your pool area looks simply by adding glass pool fencing. 

Fencing Manufacturers custom design, deliver and install glass pool fencing in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney areas in a selection of styles to suit your budget. Simply browse the frame style options and get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote to find out what fencing will work best in your outdoor space.

Safety & Style Guarantee

We’ve installed thousands of stylish glass pool fences for customers, and one of the most popular reasons to choose this type of fencing is the extra visibility of the pool area. This is great for parents, grandparents or babysitters monitoring kids playing in or around the water, but also for creating a beautiful poolside vista.

Our glass fencing panels come in your choice of Full-Framed, Semi-Framed or Frameless, with strong aluminium posts to hold them in place. The panels are durable enough to withstand pressure and withstand any accidents. You can choose the right kind of glass fencing frame for your home, depending on the design of your pool and your favourite viewpoint. 

When assembling and installing your swimming pool fence, our top priority is always safety. Relax in the knowledge that Fencing Manufacturers design pool fences that meet strict Australian Standards. 

Australian pool fencing standards include:

  • A minimum fence height of at least 1200mm (from the ground surface)
  • Self-closing gates with an approved latch
  • The fence must be located separate to any climbable objects (tables, trees, pool pumps, plants)

We ensure our glass panels are installed securely. Fencing Manufacturers prides its workmanship on guaranteeing secure, stable installation of our fencing products.





Professional Installation

Fencing Manufacturers are not only suppliers of quality glass fencing products, we also offer a complete installation service. This means all you need to do is choose the style of fencing for your property, organise a free quote and measure with us, and we will sort the rest! 

Installing a pool fence can be a stressful exercise, with regulations to follow, materials to line up in their correct position, and not to mention the physically exhausting nature of building a backyard fence. We will take all this off your shoulders and sort the entire job, professionally, keeping you updated throughout the installation process. 

Our certified team of contractors do this kind of thing for a living. As we manufacture and assemble your fence, it makes sense to complete the process with installation. Our team will understand the nuts and bolts of your individual property and its fencing design, as we made it! This limits any hiccups that can be caused by calling in secondary contractors or third parties.

When we turn up on site, we treat your home like it’s our own. We clean up after ourselves and test your fence for safety requirements before signing off.  On every job, no-fuss fencing is our focus.

Glass Swimming Pool Fencing

Fencing Manufacturers offer several styles of glass pool fencing according to what stablising frame design you prefer, and what support options your property has (wall, decking, concrete). We safely assemble and deliver each panel of safety glass and frame to your address, ready for installation, which our team will also sort for you.

4 common glass fencing installation methods:

  1. A stainless steel spigot  under each panel of glass (usually fixed into concrete or decking)
  2. Bolted to the side of an existing wall using strong, stainless steel standoffs
  3. Inserted into a powdercoated aluminium channel, minus the posts
  4. Round or square aluminium powdercoated full posts between glass fixed in concrete or decking

Explore our complete glass fence range to decide what aluminium framing style would create the best view of your pool and the surrounding area…

Glass Pool Fencing

glass pool Gates

We also provide tubular style gates, which are a popular choice among many customers. Our gates are made to the same high standards as our fences and may be customised to meet your specific needs. We offer a large number of alternatives so you can choose the perfect gate for your home or business. 

If you want a glass gate for your pool, we can install a safe pool gate that meets all of the required Australian standards and regulations, to ensure you can enjoy your pool safely.

Arrange a quote for a glass gate today.

Styles of Glass Swimming Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

Semi Frameless Glass Fence

Semi-frameless glass is a top choice for affordable glass swimming pool fences. The design ensures a sturdy frame but still has the benefit of a clear, largely unobstructed view of the outdoor space. Glass fencing panels are secured with two vertical, structural  aluminium posts fitted firmly in the ground during our professional installation. These vertical posts allow us to use a thinner toughened glass sheet which enables us to keep the price low. We adapt the installation of fencing posts according to the kind of ground your fence runs along, whether it be soil, timber  decking, or concrete around the pool area.

Glass Pool Fencing

Full Frameless Glass Fence 

Modern and elegant, a fence of pure glass is ideal for adding a touch of class to your outdoor entertainment area. Completely frameless glass pool fences are growing in popularity, largely due to their subtle blending with the surrounding outdoor environment while still offering the expected level of safety to pool areas. Each panel in a full frameless glass pool fence is supported by two compliant  stainless steel spigots secured to the ground. This gives the stunning illusion that there is almost no barrier there at all! 

Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fence

Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fence

Channel fix glass pool fencing is an Australian manufactured product which gives you a new dimension to pool fencing moving away from the traditional spigots and allowing unobtrusive view without requiring any posts.

Styles of Swimming Pool Fencing

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Alternatives to Glass Fencing

If you’re looking for the best possible fencing solution for your property, ensure you explore our entire range. You may prefer tubular pool fencing to the glossy look and ongoing maintenance of glass fencing? Simply select the style of fencing you want to learn more about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is glass pool fencing?

Fencing Manufacturers install 100% compliant glass pool fences. We follow every regulation to ensure your new fence provides an effective, permanent safety barrier standing at no less than 1.2m high, as per Council rules. In addition to this, glass offers the highest level of visibility of your children playing in the pool area, adding an extra element of safety.

Is there a minimum amount of fencing I can order for my property?

Although we are really flexible when it comes to custom designing fencing, we might need to let you know about our minimum and maximum order quantities before proceeding with your fence ideas. We encourage you to contact us for further information on pricing and order quantities, so we can see exactly how much you need for your property.

I want to design my fencing online, but install it myself. Is DIY fencing possible?

We like to think anything is possible in the fencing world. This is why we work with each of our customers to design and manufacture the style of fencing they have dreamed up in their head. If you want to install your own fencing, talk to us to get the right advice and organise delivery of a supply only package.