We create safe, stylish and secure Gates for properties across  the Central Coast, NEWCASTLE AND Sydney North.

Privacy, safety and security. Every gate we produce delivers this once installed. Whether designed as a security solution for a family home, factory, business or a block of flats, secure driveway or busy backyard, we offer a great range of long-lasting, stylish, made-to-order gates in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney areas.

Fencing Manufacturers supply and install customised gates suitable for driveways or pedestrian access. Your gate can be manufactured from any of our standard fencing designs, or made to measure to suit your own specifications and style.

If you order a newly installed fence with us, we can produce a gate that matches it perfectly. If you have an existing fence, we will try our best to complement its design with our huge range of materials and colours.

Depending on the layout of your commercial or residential property, we will tailor your choice of gate to allow access as a sliding gate, swinging gate, pedestrian gate or an automated opening system (with intercom).

3 Benefits of Gated Properties


Secure children and pets from a busy street or road

Controlled Access

Welcome guests with an intercom


A well-designed gate improves the kerb appeal of a home

Professional Installation

Fencing Manufacturers offer a complete installation service. All you need to do is organise a free quote and measure with us, choose the style of gate best suited to your property, and we will sort the rest. Installing with us limits any obstacles that can be caused by calling in secondary contractors or third parties. Our team will understand the nuts and bolts of your individual property and its fencing design, as we quoted you originally for the gate.

When we arrange to arrive on site, we treat your premises with the highest respect. We clean up after our work is complete. We test your gate and the fence it’s connected to for safety requirements before signing off. On every job, no-fuss fencing is always our focus.

Locations where we offer Gates

Styles of Gates

Whether you’re after a traditional manual or automatic sliding gate, we have a wide range of styles and colours available. During your initial quote, Fencing Manufacturers will work with you to determine exactly what kind of gate style, materials and function you are looking for.

Consider which of the following means the most to you:

  • I need the best gate for added privacy 
  • I need the best gate to complement the design of my home
  • I need the best gate for security on my property
  • I need the best gate for protecting my pool area from children


Swing Gates

Swing gates are a popular, lower cost and traditional style of gate, suited well to residential homes, commercial properties and back garden access. We offer a great selection of swinging gates in a variety of colours, so you can tailor the style to match your existing garden fence, or create a feature. 

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a space saving, and stylish option ideal for driveways of residential properties or business premises that need simple, gated access. All sliding gates come with a track element, and power is required on site to run this option. 

Automatic Gates 

With Intercom.
Automatic security gates give you a great level of control over who can enter your property, which is suited to larger estates and commercial business premises. Automatic opening gates with intercoms not only enhance security and privacy, but give caution to potential trespassers and peace of mind to you whenever you’re not home. To open, you don’t even need to leave your car.

Pool Gates

We manufacture and install gates for swimming pool areas that meet strict Australian Standards. Pool gates produced by us will comply with Australian pool fencing standards by adjoining to a minimum fence height of at least 1200mm (from the ground surface) with a self-closing gate feature and approved latch.

Single Entry Pedestrian Gates 

Single entry gates (or pedestrian gates) may be modest in size, but they have a big impact on your property. We manufacture individual single entry gates from a range of styles and functional designs to meet your security and access needs. Pedestrian gates are often a requirement for strata buildings, unit blocks and apartment complexes, but they are also a key consideration for family homes. Installing a single entry gate means quick access for residents and reduced use of larger, non-pedestrian gates.

Custom Gates 

Do you have a unique style of gate in mind? As we manufacture our gates from scratch, we can design, build and install any custom sized gate for your home or business. Whether your priority is privacy, security or aesthetics, we will produce the best suited gate for your residential or commercial project.

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Gate and Fencing Options

If you’re looking for the best possible fencing solution for your property, ensure you explore our entire range – not just the gates! You may want to consider adding a matching fence to your choice of gate. Simply select the style of fencing you want to learn more about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your gates childproof?

During initial quoting, we will get a better idea from you on the specifications for your individual gate. If one of the main reasons you need a gate is security and safety for young children, we will give you options for self closing features, locks, latches and consider gate height and positioning.

Do you install gates on existing pool fences?

Of course… as long as your existing fence meets Australian pool fencing standards. We offer a great range of pool fences that you can also add a unique gate to as a whole package, but if you are only after a gate there are plenty of colour, material and style options to choose from to match your existing fence design.

I want to design my own gate?

Gates can definitely be an eye-catching feature of an architecturally unique residence or business premises! We are happy to work with you on creating a gate using your individual style, colour and materials. We recommend looking at our image gallery to see the special designs we’ve already created.