Security Fencing

Fencing Manufacturers provide custom-made fencing solutions with a focus on complete privacy and security for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Protecting a property often relies on high-quality security fencing. It also relies on finding a professional fencing installation expert to guarantee the completed fence does what it’s designed to – secures your property!

Whether you’re in need of commercial fencing to secure a row of buildings, industrial fencing to protect the contents of a storage facility, or seeking an extra layer of safety for your home: explore our range of security fencing online today.

We’re a quality fencing manufacturer in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney areas and our team can find and design the ideal solution for your property. We offer a range of smart design options, stylish colours, and a team of experienced fencing installers. So you’re on the right page!





Customised Security Fencing

We can provide a variety of security fencing solutions for premises including schools, factories or warehouses, commercial office blocks, government buildings, valuable or dangerous goods storage facilities and residential properties. Our security fences are manufactured with durable Australian steel. 

A custom security fence is an effective way to deter unwanted access, control entry, and enjoy the peace of mind that your property is secure when you’re not there. The key considerations for a security fence are durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance. Essentially once a security fence is installed, it should continuously protect your property without causing you to lift a finger (unless you need to press the intercom or key in  code!). 

As we oversee the manufacturing process of our security fences , we can constantly deliver our products on time, on budget and guarantee that industry standards are followed right up to the point of installation. As producers of security fences we ensure a consistent level of workmanship is delivered on every project as standard.

Our security fencing can be manufactured in Aluminium ideal for Coastal Environments if required


We also provide security gates that allow for precise entry and exit points, that restrict either vehicle or pedestrian traffic in an area. Our security gates are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. Whether you need a swinging, sliding, or rolling security gate, we have you covered.

We provide a wide range of security gate options to fit your specific requirements. Arrange a quote for a security gate today.

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Versatile, Durable, Secure 

You don’t have to compromise on style to have a quality security fence, with many design options available for colour, size, material and even the look of the main access gate. Our security fencing range not only provides a barrier for your property, it can enhance the overall style (and possibly value) of your property.

The final choice of what style and height of fence you need depends entirely on what your security needs are, your style preferences and your budget. Talk to us today to find the right option for you.

5 Benefits of Security Fencing

There are so many styles of fencing to choose from, it can be difficult to know what works best. But if security, safety and privacy are top of your priorities list, choosing to install security fencing can bring a lot of advantages to your development, business or home life:

  1. Heightened safety for people
  2. Prevent unauthorised access to private sites 
  3. Guard unsafe areas i.e. high voltage or dangerous equipment 
  4. Reduce vandalism, graffiti and deter intruders
  5. Raise the value of your home property

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free onsite consultations?

Of course.  We offer free onsite consultations to see exactly what you need out of your security fence. We can measure and quote according to your ideas, the size of the premises, and often supply a price on location. Your fencing Manufacturers team can recommend the most suitable design for your security fence, and once you’re decided they can even submit the order on your behalf.

Can you produce matching security gates?

We have a range of gates available in various designs, colours and materials. If you have a specific style of security fencing in mind, we can definitely find the ideal gate to complement it. A good place to start may be our range of Automatic Gates with intercom options. Automatic security gates give you a great level of control over who can enter your property, suited to larger estates and commercial business premises.

I want to design my fencing online, but install it myself. Is DIY fencing possible?

We like to think anything is possible in the fencing world! We work with each of our customers to design and manufacture the style of fencing they have dreamed up, or require for a commercial property or security reasons. If you want to install your own fencing talk to us to get the right advice, and simply email your plans or drawings and we will quote this for you.

Design your security fence in minutes.

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Alternatives to Security Fencing

If you’re looking for the best possible fencing solution to secure a property and protect what lies within, ensure you speak to us directly to get the best solution from our entire product range. We can help you add a matching gate to your security fencing order, complement existing colours on the property, or organise professional installation. Select the style of fencing you want to learn more about.