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stylish glass pool fencing in Newcastle

Choosing the right fence for your pool should primarily be about safety; but it’s about style, too!

Keep your little ones and furry friends secure without compromising on looks. Imagine transforming your pool area with elegant glass pool fencing – it’s an instant upgrade that brings a touch of sophistication to your backyard oasis.

At Fencing Manufacturers, we’re all about creating stunning, safe, and compliant glass pool fences right here in Newcastle. Whether you’re finishing up a new pool project or revamping an old fence, we’ve got you covered with custom designs that fit your style and budget.

Browse our stylish frame options and reach out for a free quote. Let’s make your pool space safe, stylish, and simply stunning!





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Styles of Glass Swimming Pool Fencing In Newcastle

Glass Pool Fencing

Semi Frameless Glass Fence

Semi-frameless glass is a top choice for affordable glass swimming pool fences. The design ensures a sturdy frame but still has the benefit of a clear, largely unobstructed view of the outdoor space.

Glass fencing panels are secured with two vertical, structural  aluminium posts fitted firmly in the ground during our professional installation.

Glass Pool Fencing

Full Frameless Glass Fence 

Completely frameless glass pool fences are growing in popularity, largely due to their subtle blending with the surrounding outdoor environment while still offering the expected level of safety to pool areas.

Each panel in a full frameless glass pool fence is supported by two compliant  stainless steel spigots secured to the ground. This gives the stunning illusion that there is almost no barrier there at all! 

Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fence

Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fence

Channel fix glass pool fencing is an Australian manufactured product which gives you a new dimension to pool fencing moving away from the traditional spigots and allowing unobtrusive view without requiring any posts.

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Professional Installation

Fencing Manufacturers are not only suppliers of quality glass fencing products in Newcastle, we also offer a complete installation service. This means all you need to do is choose the style of fencing for your property, organise a free quote and measure with us, and we will sort the rest! 

When we turn up on site, we treat your home like it’s our own. We clean up after ourselves and test your fence for safety requirements before signing off.  On every job, no-fuss fencing is our focus.

Safety & Style Guarantee

We’re all about giving you peace of mind with a perfect blend of safety and style for your glass pool fencing in Newcastle.

Our promise? To never compromise on either. We make sure your pool area isn’t just safe, adhering to the rigorous Australian pool fencing standards, but also stylish, enhancing the overall look of your backyard oasis.

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