Slat Fencing

Slat Fencing, is perfect for secluding outdoor areas where personal privacy and style is a must in the Central Coast,  Newcastle and SYDNEY NORTH Regions.

Divide your personal space from the outside world with custom-made, stylish slat fencing, decorative fencing, or louvres designed, delivered and installed by Fencing Manufacturers in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney areas. Slat fencing is a smart, affordable solution for exposed outdoor areas such as front yards, decks, spas and pools where your privacy is a priority – but so is maintaining your view.

Our range of slat fencing designs allow you to maintain airflow, obscure the view of onlookers, and match the colour scheme to your property. We work to your specifications, so no area is out of the question when quoting for this kind of fencing! Our expert team is on standby to secure your space with an Australian-made slatted fence.

Affordable Privacy Solution

In Australia, having the freedom to enjoy complete privacy in our own backyards is a privilege. This is where the true value of customised slat fencing is clear. Attractive and functional, not only does this style of fencing visually enhance an outdoor space, but it creates a private area protected from any external view.

Slat fencing is rising in popularity across homes on the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney North regions. These styles are often popular for pool areas, where privacy is mandatory, especially if children (or adults) are playing in the privacy of their home. 

There are many reasons residents contact us to manufacture slat fencing for their property, but one of the most common is to help create a private space they can enjoy, fully protected from nosey neighbours. Fencing featuring slats is a fantastic solution, as it can be adapted to a front yard, patio, entertainment or decking area.

Locations where we offer Slat fencing

Benefits of Slat Fencing

  • Decorative elements will enhance the look of the outdoor area
  • Enjoy your personal spa knowing the paparazzi can’t see you
  • Gates can be manufactured with the same slat design
  • Front fencing solutions add extra privacy to your home
  • Blend your slat fencing style in with the surrounding environment
  • Slats and louvre blades allow optimum airflow 
  • Angled designs allow visibility from within, but not outside in

Custom-made in New South Wales

One of the biggest considerations of choosing your fencing is to seek out a trusted supplier and experienced installer. For the best result, you want a custom fencing supplier with total flexibility to choose the height, length, colour and slat spacing you need.  The fencing we install is custom-manufactured and powder coated at our designated factory in New South Wales, Australia.

Find the right Fencing Design

Your slat fencing order is custom made to suit your property’s existing style. Available in aluminium, which is long-lasting and capable of handling the hot Australian climate, our fencing is offered with traditional and modern powdercoat colours, or in timber-look aluminium. We offer various slat sizes and spacing to allow for optimum air flow, privacy and security, according to your individual property needs and location.

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Slat Style Gates

We also supply slat style gates which are a popular choice for many customers. Our gates are made to the same high standards as our fencing and can be tailored to your specific requirements. We have a wide range of options available, so you can find the perfect gate for your home or business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will slat fencing block my view?

We will work with you to find the best option, including the angle of the slats or louvre blades, or a decorative privacy screen design, to ultimately determine what gives maximum privacy from the outside in, without affecting your visibility of the area or blocking out light. This flexibility of design is a great benefit of investing in custom-designed slat fencing, as it will always match your needs.

Can I install my own slat fencing?

You have the option of purchasing a DIY slat fencing or decorative from us, which we can tailor-make to your specified dimensions, colour and materials, or you can arrange for our experienced staff to install the entire product professionally for you.

Does slat fencing need to be compliant?

Yes. A quick check with your local council to establish ordinances for your area can save time and money. There are special rules governing slat fencing and decorative privacy screens if installed around a pool area or corner block. Your council can provide you with what laws governing distances, setbacks, allowable heights, slat gaps etc. need to be followed, and we will tailor your design to ensure it’s compliant.

Alternative Fencing Options

If you’re looking for the best possible private fencing options for your property, ensure you explore our entire range. You may want to complement slat fencing with an additional fenced section of your property, or include matching gated access. Select the style of fencing you want to learn more about…