DIY Batten Fencing

Batten FencesWhy Settle For Style Or Safety When You Can Have Both

In essence, tubular fences are a style and function working in tandem. Their sturdy aluminium material is sure to keep your children out of the pool, while generous spaces between poles ensure great visibility of a pool or backyard space.

Despite their strength, aluminium fences are surprisingly lightweight. They are much less cumbersome to install than their alternatives, but just as effective at separating areas where your kids can play from areas where they need supervision.


While our tubular fences are safe, strong and high-quality, this doesn’t mean that they are difficult to install. Our packages include all the necessary tools, materials, and instructions required to make you a bona fide fence builder.
Choose between wood look timber or powder coated aluminium. All aluminium powder coated fencing is made in our factory.

Don’t Forget the Gate!

Every fence needs a gate – and a Batten gate is something special. Whether it is an impressive sliding driveway gate, or a discreet latched sidegate for quick access to the backyard, a Batten gate manages to both match and enhance the surrounding fence.  

  • Choose from swing to sliding gates in custom lengths. Need an automatic gate? No problem, get in touch for a custom quote.
  • We’ll match the specifications, including design and height, to that of your new or existing Hampton fence
  • All gates come with key-lockable latch hinges  
Batten Fencing

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our DIY Batten Fences are designed to be easily installed by all, only requiring minimal equipment.

Our packages include the necessary materials and instructions required to make you a bona fide fence builder.  

No. Installing a Batten Fence is easy. With all materials supplied and minimal tools required, you will find installing your new fence a breeze.

Usually the process or erecting a new fence is hassle free.

It is always best to contact your local council before starting any fencing project. Regulations can vary from one area of the country or even within a city, so it’s important that you ask! 

With easy installation instructions, requiring only minimal tools, a DIY Batten style fence can save you thousands of dollars in installation costs. 

There is no greater sense of satisfaction than pulling into your driveway and seeing your stylish Batten fence, built with your own two hands.

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